• gallery-4
    Jonathan Gibson

    Zhejiang Guangsha Signs Rising Star International Guard Jonathan Gibson

  • gallery-1
    Extreme Sports

    Advancing extreme sports with Matt Beyer

  • gallery-2
    NCAA Tour

    NCAA Stars sweep Chinese CBA teams in cross-country tour

  • gallery-3
    Gani Lawal

    Altius signs European standout and former CBA import Gani Lawal to NBL

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    Jerel McNeal

    China’s Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank Sign Jerel McNeal

Welcome to Altius Culture


Altius Culture is an international full-service sports agency based in Beijing, China. Our mission is to bring the excitement of sports to Chinese people from all walks of life. By harnessing our rare set of international and local experiences, Altius Culture hopes to contribute to the growth of China’s expansive sports industry. 

We specialize in: athlete management, sports consultancy and marketing, world-class sporting events, and sports-focused entertainment content. 

Our competitive advantage in the China market is maintained by having a hard-working and driven team; comprised of international and Chinese minds with deep roots in China’s sports system. We are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of this market, and strive to create ideal solutions for each and every client. 


Athlete ManagementChina is a big adjustment for most foreign athletes. We understand that, and we’re here to help. Altius Culture has previously dealt with athletes facing big changes, and offers complete care.
Sports Marketing Let us help you navigate through the challenges of contacting and dealing with corporations, sponsors, fans, and anyone who may be interested in your talent and worth.